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Crowdfunding Launch Lab

A four week 'live' online crowdfunding coaching course! Everything you need to know BEFORE you launch your crowdfundi...

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Top Crowdfunding Resources

This is a free 31 page PDF detailing 46 essential tools and resources you can use to run a successful crowdfunding ca...

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Crowdfunding Campaign Videos

Watch a selection of successful crowdfunding videos that have helped campaigns reach their targets. You will fi...

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Crowdfunding FAQ Video Series

Free Video Series Sign up to access your free video series which will answer the most frequently asked questions abo...

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Crowdfunding Workshop

Check out the dates where the next live workshop is being held. These workshops are held regularly across the United...

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Crowdfunding Consultation

Book an hour of my time. Here you can discuss any aspect of crowdfunding with me. Most people want to know the foll...

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