About Us


We are here to help you run a successful crowdfunding campaign.


We offer the following:

Crowdfunding Academy (Coming Soon)

A membership website with a variety of online courses and resources.

Crowdfunding Launch Lab

6 week live coaching course with many resources.

Crowdfunding Playbook

Over 200 tools and resources you can use for your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding Focus Magazine

Available as an app in the Apple App and Google Play stores

Crowdfunding Workshops and Talks

We deliver crowfunding workshops all over the UK (more than 70 have been completed so far)

One on One Consultation

Skype or in-person sessions providing crowdfunding guidance.


Crowdfunding Project Management

Ongoing assistance with teams working towards the launch of a project.



The Crowdfunding Landscape

More than 2000 Crowdfunding websites have sprung up around the world to help facilitate the flow of this new form of democratic finance.

More than $70 billion was raised through Crowdfunding last year benefiting more than 1 million projects worldwide.

Do you not want to know how you can access these funds as well?

Do you want to know how to invest in Crowdfunding projects for a better return than what you would get via the Banks?

You can now raise funds from a loyal crowd for almost anything. You can be a startup, an individual, an established business or even a charity to benefit.

Also you can personally use crowdfunding as a way to invest in people and projects worldwide and in return receive a product, service, a share in a business or interest on your loan.

Our resources are here to help you develop a crowdfunding strategy and find the right tools for you to use BEFORE you go crowdfunding.

Come on in and see what we have for you. Why not start with the Crowdfunding FAQ video series which will help you and your team get to grips with the most frequently asked questions I get about crowdfunding.


Anthony Lovell de Souza




PS. Please contact me here for any questions you may have.