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Crowdfunding FAQ videos

Sign up today to receive your 11 videos that answer the most frequently asked questions I get about running a crowdfunding campaign. About 3 mins each.

Video 1
How does crowdfunding work?

Video 2
The 4 main types of CrowdFunding

Video 3
What are the pros and cons to crowdfunding?

Video 4
How much money can I raise?

Video 5
What target should I set for my campaign?

Video 6
How long should my crowdfunding campaign last for?

Video 7
How much time do I need to run a campaign?

Video 8
What is all or nothing vs flexible crowdfunding?

Video 9
How do I protect my idea or intellectual property?

Video 10
What rewards should I choose for my supporters?

Video 11
Who will give money to my crowdfunding campaign?

Following an inspiring initial one to one workshop six months prior to my Crowdfunding campaign, I signed up for the online course. The weekly sessions provided great focus and the resources which were available online were hugely beneficial in preparing for my campaign. The mid course Skype call with Anthony enabled me to ask questions specific to my campaign. I would recommend the course unreservedly

Sally Marks - TOTSUP

Anthony has put together an amazingly informative online workshop. I now feel confident that I will have a successful campaign for my fitness invention. (Rollin's crowdfunding campaign has since exceeded its target on Kickstarter)

Rollin Rachelle - CLUSTAS