How to launch and run a successful crowdfunding campaign

A six week 'live' online coaching course!

Everything you need to know BEFORE you press the launch button.

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Why the Crowdfunding Launch Lab Gets Results


Everything you need to succeed…in one place. Hundreds of project creators have already benefitted.

Anthony Lovell de Souza

Over 7 years of crowdfunding experience. Delivered more than 150 crowdfunding workshops and talks.


Email support throughout the 6 weeks. Share experiences between peers in a Facebook group.

Who is the course for?


This course is for anybody who wishes to

run a SUCCESSFUL crowdfunding campaign.


Who will benefit

A START-UP wishing to launch a business and wanting to know if the crowd likes their idea. Market validation is key!

An existing BUSINESS wishing to grow and expand or test out a new product or service on their current client base.

A CHARITY or NON-PROFIT wanting to try out a new way to unlock funding from their current supporter base.

ANYBODY with an idea who wants to use crowdfunding as a marketing strategy and begin to grow their crowd.

Who will NOT benefit

People who want to launch a campaign without a crowd expecting strangers to support their efforts.


6 week online coaching course

Week 1  Research

  • Different types of Crowdfunding
  • Niche Crowdfunding websites
  • Look at past Case Studies
  • Benefits to Crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding Challenges
  • Future benefits of Crowdfunding


Week 2  Toolbox Essentials

  • Top Crowdfunding Campaign Tools
  • Develop a Crowd-Building Plan
  • Growing your Email List
  • Build out a Social Media Strategy
  • Use of Traffic Generation Tools
  • Research & connect with Influencers

Week 3  Success Factors

  • Perfecting your Story
  • Video Shoot and Script
  • Choosing Campaign Rewards
  • The 'Perfect' Campaign Page
  • Setting your Target
  • Content Creation Strategy

Week 4  Success Factors +

  • Becoming a Staff Pick
  • Creating a Media Kit/Room
  • Importance of updates
  • Analysing Traffic & Conversion
  • Getting in the Media
  • Finding super fans and backers

Week 5  Launch

  • What to do on Launch Day
  • Promoting 'live' event
  • Motivating Team Members
  • Press, PR &  Journalists
  • Adding Stretch Goals
  • Managing additional Rewards

Week 6 Post Launch

  • Post Campaign Checklist
  • Managing your inventory
  • Postage and Packaging
  • Shipping your Rewards
  • Keeping backers informed
  • Managing your future Reputation

What You Will Discover...

Is my idea Crowdfundable?

Certain success factors have to be in place for your idea to appeal to the crowd. Find out exactly how many of these you have and which ones you still have to build.

Can I do this on my own?

Support for your campaign can come from many different sources. Find out the best way you can involve others in helping you reach your target.

How do I work out how much I can raise?

Working out your target amount can be quite challenging. I will show you what you need to take into account when setting your ideal amount.

What tools should I be using to run my campaign?

Here I will demonstrate the top 7 essential tools you and your team should be using to run your campaign.

How do I grow and engage my crowd before launch?

Learn the exact strategy you should use to grow your crowd and what you should do to get them excited about your product/service.

What should a 'perfect' project page look like?

Analyse all the essential components that make up a successful crowdfunding campaign page.

What rewards can I offer my supporters?

Understand the components that make up a 'to die for' reward and the necessary post-campaign considerations.

How do I protect my Intellectual Property?

Understand what you should do about protecting your idea from being ripped off when you go crowdfunding.

Do strangers fund crowdfunding campaigns?

Learn the exact process and at what point strangers become involved and why.

and much more...

What you get...

in addition to the above:

Live Coaching Calls

Six 'live' sessions conducted normally once a week. We will use Zoom and schedule times to meet. Full (easy) setup instructions provided by email.

Detailed Strategy Plan

During each weekly session the next stage of the launch strategy will be revealed. You will then gain access to this content so you can continue to work on it.


You will be invited to join a private Crowdfunding Playbook community where you can share your experiences and ask questions.

Case Studies

You will be able to learn a lot about crowdfunding by researching what others have done. Written and audio examples will be made available.

Email Support

During the 6 weeks you can email me with your questions at any time. You will get my personal email allowing direct access to my email inbox.


Checklists and Cheatsheets and all other resources will be accessible in a member's area. You will have 12 months' access to all this material after the course.

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Most Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail!

What they say

After helping hundreds of project creators - the one common factor that keeps coming up - is they wished they had put more effort into planning and crowd building BEFORE launching their campaign.

Most important success factor

Setting yourself up correctly and following a tried and tested launch strategy is the SINGULAR most important success factor to running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

You need a crowd to go crowdfunding

Learn how to build, grow and engage a crowd long before you launch your campaign. The size and responsiveness of your crowd determines how much you can set as a target for your campaign.

Is Crowdfunding just for startups?

Anyone can go crowdfunding! You can be a startup, existing business, charity or a social enterprise i.e. anybody with an idea...and a crowd.

Your Instructors

Anthony Lovell de Souza

Over the years I have given over 200 crowdfunding workshops and talks across the UK. These have included full/half day workshops (+online) to startups, existing businesses, universities, charities and social enterprises.

Hundreds of people have attended these workshops and gained greater clarity on all aspects of crowdfunding.

I have also assisted crowdfunding campaigns from all over the world via Zoom e.g. UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, Somalia, Argentina and others.


Workshops and Talks

Loughborough University, New Media Europe Conference, University of Gloucestershire, Internet Business School, Federation of Small Businesses, The Oxfordshire Project, Enterprise Network, Swindon Tech Summit, Growth Hub Gloucester, TEN Enterprise Centre, Outset, Wessex Chamber of Commerce, Cascade Training, Empowering West Berkshire, Marlborough Business Hub and many more...


"The weekly sessions provided great focus and the resources which were available online were hugely beneficial in preparing for my campaign. The mid course Skype call with Anthony enabled me to ask questions specific to my campaign. I would recommend the course unreservedly."

Sally Marks - United Kingdom

"Anthony has put together an amazingly informative online workshop. I now feel confident that I will have a successful campaign for my fitness invention. *Campaign exceeded its target on Kickstarter"

Rollin Rachelle - UNITED STATES

"When I met with Anthony he told me many things about crowd funding I did not know before and convinced me to give it a try. I decided to simply follow all of his advice. At the end I got 170 percent above my aimed target…”"

Andreas Muller - GERMANY

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Below is a sample of what we will be covering in the webinars.

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9 Live Coaching Calls

Detailed Strategy Plan

Q and A

1 hour Consultation

Facebook Group


Case Studies

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Extra Team Member


Immediate Access to Content


Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied a full refund will be given within 7 days of purchase. Just send me an email.

Check out my FAQ

When does the Launch Lab start and finish?

The Launch Lab starts on a mutually agreed day and time and runs once a week for 6 weeks. Each session lasts 1.5 hours.

How long will my team and I have access to all the resources?

You will all have 12 months access to the Launch Lab material. Your team members can join at no extra cost.

What if I want a refund?

We are happy to issue a refund within the first 7 days of you signing up.

What skills will the Launch Lab teach me?

The Launch Lab experience will take you from crowdfunding concept to real world examples for you to model. Highlights include figuring out if your idea is crowdfundable, work-shopping your launch plan, engaging and growing your crowd, being part of a community who are also crowdfunding, learning about the latest tools you need to drive traffic to your campaign page and connect with influencers, and more!

Will I be able to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign by the end of this course?

The concept of the Launch Lab is for you to understand all the success factors you need to have in place before, during and after you a run crowdfunding campaign. You do not need to have all of them in place but you need to know what they are and have enough of them working properly in order to reach your target.

What equipment /tools do I need to complete the online sessions?

Access to a computer, the internet, headphones, an email account, and an eager and open mind!

Will I get access to all of the material at once?

Yes and no. Once you sign up there will be over 3 hours of videos and audio you can start going through straight away. The content (strategy and tools) will be delivered via a live webinar.

How will the content be delivered?

You will have access to over 3 hours of pre-prepared video, audio and pdfs within your member's area the moment you sign up. There will be 6 'live' weekly sessions conducted via Zoom in which you can participate. Each of these 6 weekly sessions will be one and a half hours long with time for Q & A. During this time you will be able to listen and interact with questions.
Can my team member jump onto the 'live' weekly webinar sessions?

Yes, What do I do if I need help?

If you need help with something related to the Launch Lab, please contact [email protected]. Thanks.


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