Helping you understand how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Learn how to build a crowd for crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Workshops

I offer tailored half/full day workshops for businesses, start-ups, charities and business organisations to get staff and business advisors up to speed on all things Crowdfunding.

Well over 100 offline crowdfunding workshops now delivered all across the United Kingdom.

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Online Group Training

Online group training is offered via Zoom or Skype with full step by step strategies, tactics, resources and tools explaining exactly how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Over 15 online group training sessions now delivered in the comfort of your office or home anywhere in the world.

Crowdfunding Launch Lab

Crowdfunding Academy

A monthly subscription membership supported by regular masterclasses with video tutorials, audio interviews and resources to help with running a crowdfunding campaign.

Launching Soon. Please add your name to the waitlist to be the first to benefit from early access.

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Crowdfunding Playbook

An extensive and comprehensive directory of crowdfunding tools and resources.

These tools and resources have all been used by past crowdfunding project creators who have run crowdfunding campaigns.

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Crowdfunding Focus Podcast

Soon to be launched podcast on all things crowdfunding.

This weekly podcast will be interviews profiling case studies and experts who have lots of experience in the crowdfunding space.

Signup below to be informed of when we launch. We will be available for download on all top podcasting platforms.

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Book an hour of my time.

Here you can discuss any aspect of crowdfunding with me.

Most people want to know the following:

1. If your idea is crowdfundable.
2. How to run a successful campaign.
3. Look over their campaign page 

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